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About Us

FSSE is a BEE run business aimed at the up-liftment of educational standards through the assistance and supply of technological products and supporting services. Established with a vast background and knowledge of the educational system and with a focus on supplying technological products and support to enhance and simplify educational needs, FSSE aims to assist the corporate environment with social responsibility by supplying functional and practical products and a fully accountable implementation system that gives the client peace of mind. In addition to this, FSSE also supply technologies to the workplace that will enhance and improve employer and employee projects. With a clear understanding and flow in the workplace, productivity and cost savings will improve.


Improving educational standards

To supply alternate IT solutions to educational institutes and to make the educational process more exciting and advanced. To simplify the supply of books for all subjects and authors at the best price.

Business solutions

To streamline corporate functioning by supplying the required (and new) technologies, aiding and improving the workplace.

Social responsibility

Assisting businesses with social responsibility by facilitating and supplying the chosen requirements by the client towards the community.

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